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How to get free recharge with android App(MCent)

Get free Mobile recharge with MCent Android App

Hey guys what's up, today i am going to tech you how can you earn free mobile recharge.yes it's 100% true.if you don't believe this then watch my free recharge proof (Watch below images.)


Okay if u like this and want to earn free mobile recharge then follow below steps..(There is two ways for get free mobile recharge.)

Method 1- Share this app link of your friend

Step-1 click on share button after pressing share button it will give you more option to share like Facebook,Whats app, Gmail, Bluetooth, Twitter,Google+ and much more

Step:-2 Select any one option and share this app link of your friend..

Step:-3 when your friend download this app from your shared link and register with your email and mobile number and download any one offer then you will get free recharge of Rs.50 .

Step:-4 share your MCent link and earn a handsome free mobile recharge

Note:- You will get free recharge when your friend download MCent app with your link and complete any one offers.

Click on this link and download this app--(Download in android ) 


Method-2 Complete offers and get free recharge

Step:- 1 launch this app and then click on new offers tab.

Step:- 2 Now click on any start this offer button 

Step:- 3 Now read instructions and click on download button it will automatically redirect to Google play store, Click on install button and download this app

Step:-4 After download open downloaded app for 30 second.

Step:-5 After 30 second close the downloaded app.and return to MCent app.

Step:-6 Now you can see a message you earned 4 rs you need to 6 more

Step:-7 Complete any 6 rs offer and then click on top-up button and recharge your mobile number..

Click on this link and download this app--(Download in android )


Note:- If u like this post please give me your comments for your feedback suggestion or help.Thanks..!!

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