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GamerzROM MTK Nexus Edition v1.0 is released for 5 devices!

We are proud to announce the GamerzROM MTK Nexus Edition for 5 MTK Devices!

Supported devices: General Mobile Discovery, Xolo q800, Fly IQ446, Gionee gn708w, Symphony w125

Reasonable Features to Use GamerzROM MTK Nexus Edition
-Total Nexus look (Dialer, Settings, Launcher, SMS, Contacts, Clock and everything)

-Full dual sim and video calling support.

-GravityBox and Xposed (Tons of customizations like CRT-OFF animation, expendable volume panel, hold back button to kill, volume keys skips tracks, editable quicksettings statusbar, close all button on task manager)

-Logo.bin is totally replaced with Google logo. You can forget about your phones brand. It's nexus now.

-Android 4.3 stuff

-PITtech sound mod

-A full featured bug-free Camera

-Turkish translations (by cyber71khan)

-Cyanogenmod calculator, ES File Explorer and such reasonable replacements.

-Stock Android keyboard with swipe feature for every language

-Busybox and supersu

-Very slim and fast

-More developer options

-Build.prop tweaks

-Tons of changes that you will notice while enjoying it.

Download Links

v1.0 for Xolo Q800/Fly IQ446/Gionee gn708w/Symphony w125

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