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Delight Exclusive Mods & Delight App - How to's

 Today I want to explain the Delight exclusive mods and the Delight app.

We keep on getting inquiries, on "how to change this?" & "how to change that?"
So I want to explain it so everybody can understand.

Delight custom firmwares are one of the most changeable custom firmwares running on Symbian phones's today

Almost every mod that is a "matter of taste" can be set back & forth between modded & original

And it is a real shame that all the man-hours of making this and hardly nobody knows what it is and what it can do

After pushing the Delight App this is the screen you will see.

History of the App:
the actual app is based on an application called MiniCmd, very similar to the Cmd.exe in your computer. The MiniCmd is an app with about 30 predefined commands, such as e.g. copy, delete, run, makedir, run kill, sleep.... including more, and even with file set attributes.

In the beginning status of the app, you had a MiniCmd for almost every small command and every one needed its on icon and resources to run.
Huellif now has made a complete Qt / QML based Ui, which took a lot of man-hours to make, and was made to  make things easier for everybody to use.
I am sad to say, that it doesn't get the feedback that it should and still half of the users, still don't even know what it is

 Here's the Explanation:


 The Classic Resolver is called classic, because it is the actual mods that "resolved" most of the problems that could occur. The idea's and mod scripts were mostly made, gathered and intentionnally written by Soni a.k.a nicesoni_ash. More explanations will follow by the screen shot

 Language & Garbage Cleaner will look through C: E: & F: drive and clean out all un-used language resources and some caches. The caches will fill up on a day to day basis, and the un-used language reources are over-installed by apps.

 Language Changer is for people who decide to use a different Ui / Language flashing file and don't want to lose all their settings, data & installations. (see Info under: More explanations 1. at the bottom of this page)

Selector is probably the most used part of the Delight app, and you will like it A LOT. It is the part, that can change a lot of settings back to default, if you don't like the Delight default widgets, skins, mods, menu's +++.   More explanations will follow by the screen shot

Reboot the phone is just exactly as it says. A reboot is needed for some mods to take place and this is just the easy way to do it.

 Classic Resolver:

 Registry Backup/Restore - backs up the Sisregistry files that are made after installing apps. Its needed for people who want to restore their apps after hardrestting the device.

Widget Fixer - Problems with widgets? run this and all widgets and widget settings will be reset. Homescreen settings will stay untouched

Cache Cleaner - Problem with slowness or lags? or just want to clean the systems caches? - then run this

Menu Fixer - Problems with Menu? Icons missing or incorrect? Menu will be reset

USB/MTB Fixer - Problems with connecting your phone to your computer? Driver loading errors. Use this and Windows will re-search for the drivers
 Clean Music & Gallery Library - Damaged Music Library or Gallery Images corrupted? - after this, phone will rebuild the index from scratch

Reset / Fix Profiles - Problem with Profiles? this will reset it to default

Problems with T9 / Predic / saved typed words - this removes all the entered words you ever typed and sets it back to default

Reset / Fix Alarms - Problem with Alarms? all alarms will be reset (not reminders)

Reset / Fix Homescreens &Widgets - this will reset the homescreens and add widgets to the widgets list, if you flashed via Software Update. The widget list must be re-written in this occassion

Reset / Fix Camera - Problem with camera? Reset it to default settings? run this


 Choose widget skins - choose between the Delight semi-transparent widget skins, Classic widget skins or Fp2 (darker) widget skins
(see Info under: More explanations 2. at the bottom of this page)

Choose Menu skin - choose between the folder based Delight Menu style or Nokia default menu

Choose Menu Icon Layout - choose between 3x4 menu or 4x5 menu

Choose Application caching config - most of the caching is disabled by a mod by default in Delight. But some people were griping, that it takes 1 or 2 seconds longer for the contact list and messages to load after opening it. Changing the settings will change that in Contacts & Messaging

Choose SMS skin location - choose between Delight background in text messages from Z: or default background in C:
Homescreen captions - choose between text under homescreen icons or no text. (this runs a .sis that was made by TheOne)

Updater / Backup & Restore:

 Updater - this application is needed after a Delight update has been released. Huellif made the Delight boot phases to run by themselves after flash. But it is needed when updating a Delight cfw for over more than one release.
Why is this needed at all? Well, it copies all updated resources on C drive, that are not copied there after flashing via Update Software without Uda. So you get all the advantages of the updates we make, but without losing settings, data or installations.
Hint: NO, this does not Update the complete Delight cfw.... a flash is still needed.

Backup & Restore - this backs up and restores more than the built-in Nokia backup & restore

It has 2 options: settings & app+game data

And of course:

Delight Changelogs 


Delight FAQ

which I believe need no explanation

More Explanations:

1. Some people gripe about space issues on C after flash, because other custom firmwares out there have more space to offer. But it isn't a problem, it is rather a feature. It's because the flashing file called "uda", which later is equivalent to C:/drive is completly empty. We put those files all into other flashing files that get copied to C after flash by "the 5 phases". By doing this the Delight custom firmwares are fully hard-reset-able without losing ANY functions & it is part of the update-able and language-changeable Delight WITHOUT losing settings, data & installations.

2. this is Delight exclusive, that the widgets skins are loading from C: drive. So the Delight app copies and overwrites the widget skins in C:/resource/apps from different folders.
additionally you can just copy your own set of widget skins (matter of taste) that you grabbed online and copy them to C:/resource/apps and reboot the phone
This means there is NO NEED of joshlog mod. We didn't want to include the joshlog mod, because it is so heavy on the system. Only thing not running off of C is the avkon mod, which I strongly advise you to open a rofs flashing file via Nokia Cooker, place the avkon2.mif to resource/apps and re-flash your device via software update & without the Uda. This way you will get the desired avkon, without losing any settings, data & installations - even on non-Delight firmwares

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