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[DEV][PORT] RZ Recovery 2.1.4 FOR Galaxy Mini GT-S5570


  1. overclock settings
  2. Arbitrary update.zip selection (with folders) (don't have to rename files to update.zip).
  3. rom.tgz support (of course)
  4. Unsigned update.zip support
  5. ability to wipe system, data, boot, dalvik-cache, battery stats, cache
  6. No automatic backup when installing a rom.tgz
  7. update.zip from folder support=-
  8. Ability to install APK's, IMG's, ZIP's, TAR's, TGZ's from the same menu
  9. Wipe battery statistics
  10. Battery charging!
  11. Ability to root any ROM
  12. 12 predefined colors + random color selection
  13. Rave mode: random color every time screen is redrawn
  14. preinstall update.zip menu
  15. battery status (charging status, temperature and charge level) display
  16. android_secure nandroid / wipe support
  17. Hold volume keys to scroll
  18. Touch screen scrolling on some devices
  19. Can add plugins for new menu 


How to Flash :

1. put this file into your SDCARD

2. goto CWM recovery
3. Choose this file
4. Flash it
5. goto advanced menu
6. reboot recovery
7. done

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