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Getting back on track! Keeping it simple!

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Welcome! Last week there was no update, I got really busy with College Final Exams and taking some Engagement photos. So this week I'm getting back on track!

Instead of packing this week up with more things to do I will keep it simple so I can finish everything in the list. We already have the Mystery Gift set up which is Shiny Chimchar! Somebody ask if this was a good idea since I regretted having the Shiny Charmander gift. The difference here is that a lot of people payed to get Shiny Charmander before it was a gift so it was a mistake to add it after people had bought it. Chimchar is not available to purchase so it's not a problem adding him to players that are playing now.

Creature Universe
I've had some moments to think about Creature Universe. Whenever I think of a new project, for example PTD2, I think what changes in gameplay I can bring to the new game to make it more interesting or different. That is the stage that we are in with Creature Universe. I'm putting together some prototypes with different gameplay ideas and then playing with them, sending them to Dan and then we talk about what works and what doesn't work. The graphics in the prototype are extremely basic so we can focus on the gameplay and not the look. So making changes comes really easy. What you end up learning is that a lot of ideas sound great on paper but don't work as good when you actually play with it in the game. You also don't want to lose what made the game great just to put in new ideas. It is a tricky balance that all game developers must learn.

Pokemon Tower Defense Fan Film: Episode 5!
Joel has been working extra hard to get the next episode out. I saw it and it looks great! Check it out!

Alpha v1.27.1 Released!
  • Added Experience Points to the Checkpoint in 1v1 mode
  • Breeding Feature - Out now! Note: Getting moves from parents is not implemented yet.
  • Added Igglybuff to the game - Obtainable by breeding.
    • New Attacks
      • Charm
      • Sweet Kiss
    • Stats
    • Move List
    • Evolution Info
    • Graphics
      • Normal
      • Shiny
      • Shadow
    • Add to Breeding Center
      • Add to proper Egg Group
      • Add to proper Family
    • Add to Trading Center 
      • Add to Search List
      • Add to Request List

    Thanks for coming by and checking us out! Keep checking back to see how we are progressing during the week! As always let me know what you think!

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