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Release information & news on N8, C7 & 808

Hi everybody...

just wanted to let you know what is going on:

  •  N8 Delight v6.099 has almost exceeded 11.000 downloads 
   Big thanks to all the users worldwide for trusting us...
even though I am still a little disappointed about the support and feedback

Top 5 language sets downloaded:
1. arabic & french
2. arabic
3. german
4. polish 
5. spanish

  • C7 Delight v6.099 has 1265 downloads    
 Top 5 language sets downloaded:
1. indonesian
2. german
3. arabic
4. arabic & french
5. polish
  • Release v6.1
it is in progress...
- according to Apex666 the theme was already done, but due to icon size issues he had to resize all the icons... since the Theme will cover over 800 icons, so you can imagine how long the process takes

other plans for N8's Delight is:
- fixed long tap dialer 0 
- fixed gallery folder scan: adding some additional folders to the exclude list
- including browser fix mod 
- including X-Plore 1.6 without Refurbish
 - write a new script for updater app
- including winrar - simple .sis extraction to ROFS + adding it to organizer folder
- including fixed font
- including new widgets from Fp2: mirror, stopwatch, webview
which means I am going to have to make new translations

about C7 Delight: 
- I am going to make new translations that include the NFC translations in settings
  •  Delight 808
we are working hard on a release for Delight on 808
huellif finished it almost all the way, until we couldn't fix a Usb in Nokia Suite Mode issue, which isn't releaseable
and the widgets weren't running off of C yet
after 50 flashes and 1 week of work, I found the Usb bug
and got the widgets running from C, but now the gallery (widget and in menu) is broken...
we are getting there, slowly but surely...
I have a fairly good running system of Delight running on my phone at the moment, but nothing that can be released yet
I'll keep you updated

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