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New Server Setup, Working Behind the Scenes

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Welcome to the Sam and Dan Games Developer Blog!

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New Server Setup
We got the new server last week but this week it's all about setting it up. The process of setting it up starts with transferring all the files over to the new server. After that all the databases have to be recreated and all the data from the old database needs to be moved over to the new one. This means that there will be a day or a couple of days that the trading center will be down while I make all the transfers. This also means that I need to spend a large amount of time making sure everything is working as it should and so there won't be a big content update for ptd2 this week.

Mystery Gift
There will be a mystery gift and a giveaway as always. This week Flying won the poll and it looks like woobat and rufflet are winning so far Rufflet and Emolga won! Keep the votes coming!

Working Behind the Scenes
We got some fun Cosmoid related things coming in the horizon. The artists, Joel, Evan and Kevin, are all hard at work on different projects and I hope that soon enough we will start rolling out the first one of them. I hope that I can work hard and fast to bring you these things as soon as possible.

Weekly Progress
    PTD2 Trading Center Update Completed!
      • New Server Setup for Trading Center (100%)
        • Transferring the php files (100%)
          • PTD 2 Side (100%)  - 50 different pages
          • PTD 1 Side (100%) - Over 50 different pages
        • Your Trade Request Page will now be ordered by most request to least request (100%) This will become active after the new server is set up.
        • PTD2 - Pokemon will no longer evolve during trades if they are holding an Everstone (100%) - This will become active after the new server is set up.
        • Accepting a trade offer will now put the Pokemon in your Pickup area instead of your profile (100%) - This will become active after the new server is set up.
        • Seperated the 1-2 Cost Trainer Adoption pages into two pages (100%) - This will become active after the new server is set up.
          • Optimizing the old files for better performance (100%)
            • Reducing the amount of database calls on certain pages to increase performance (100%)
            • PTD2 - Adding Transactions to Breeding, Trading, Adopting, etc (100%) - This will prevent pokemon from going missing after completing any of these task due to the server going down.
          • Transferring Pokemon Center Database Data (100%)
        PTD2 v1.55.2 Released!
        • Mystery Gift (100%) - Rufflet and Emolga 
          • Graphics (100%)
          • Stats (100%)
          • Evolutions (100%)
          • New Abilities (100%)
            • Motor Drive (100%)
          • New Attacks (100%)
            • Defog (100%)
            • Volt Switch (100%)
          • Add to Breeding Center (100%)
          • Add to Trading Center (100%)
        • Added Honchkrow to the Search Pages (100%)
          That's what we have for you this week! Let me know what you want to see for next week update in the comments bellow or on twitter! Thanks!

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