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No more Delight for N8/C7 users.. :(

Yes.... Bad news but unfortunately true..

I am giving up any kind of modding on Delight series for N8 / C7 devices.. Cfw making really needs a lot of time and dedication which I don't have right now.. I was hoping that Nokia would release next firmware for N8 and C7 soon enough so I could do the last bit for N8 and C7 users but unfortunately it's taking too much time and I can't linger on it much longer..

Fortunately few good custom firmwares are still available publicly which you can try and test ..

It's been great with N8 .. everything was Delightful ;)

Good luck with your N8 and C7 friends and enjoy them fully..

Delight for 808 is still under clouds and could take months based on donations.. so if you are waiting for it, consider donating to complete the pledge.


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