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Birthday Wishes! Breeding and Soft Cap Increase! Creature Universe Toxic Starter!

Want to get the Shiny Starters? Shiny Zorua? Shiny legendary dogs? Shiny Mew? or any other shiny pokemon in the game? Adopt them today using SnD coins! Click here for more info.

Visit the PTD: Pokemon Center - a place to trade pokemon, get your Daily Code, adopt Pokemon, view your items and change your avatar!

Hi everyone! First off thanks to everybody who wished me a Happy Birthday, my birthday is today (Monday) and last year on my birthday I made a very special mystery gift and so this year I want to make another one. This year I will choose and it is my wish that the mystery gift be Jirachi!

Newgrounds and Hacked Arcade Version
I recently released the Newgrounds (same as the one here, go and rate the game por favor) and the Hacked Arcade versions of PTD2. The hacked arcade version will give you more experience per kill and it is easier to capture pokemon but it tags your pokemon with the hacked tag. Enjoy!

Soft Cap Increase
Many of you have been asking for the soft cap to increase, so I will work on that this week. You might ask yourself what the soft cap is since you can level up to 100 already. Well the soft cap is the level in which your pokemon stop learning moves. The soft cap is currently 12 so my plan is to increase it to at least 14 if not higher.

Another highly anticipated feature is the breeding mechanic and I think this will be a good week to introduce it. Okay so here are a couple of details on how it will work:
  • Most of the rules regarding egg groups, gender, and families from the actual games will be in play here.
  • Breeding and Egg Hatching will take place in the Pokemon Center.
  • To hatch the egg you will have to visit it for a number of days. It will usually take less than 7 days of visits for it to hatch depending on the rarity of the pokemon in the egg.
  • The parents stay with the egg until the egg is hatched. They are very caring!
  • Egg moves will be implemented, same rules as the real game.
  • You can have a shadow or shiny egg hatch
    • You will find out if it's shiny or shadow the moment it's hatched, the egg will look the same.
    • Each parent can increase the chance of the egg being shiny or shadow by a percent.
    • Special held items will be sold that can also increase the chance of the egg being shiny or shadow. You will be able to buy them with SnD Coins or Daily Coins.
    • So let's say each parent can increase it by 4% and the item can increase it by 4% then if both parents are shiny and they are both carrying the item then that will increase the chance for it to be shiny by 16%
  • You will only be able to have 3 eggs hatching per account but you can increase this number with SnD Coins or Daily Coins.
Everstone and Neeverstone
Speaking of items I will be adding the Everstone and the Neeverstone (never everstone), the everstone will stop evolutions from happening and the neeverstone will stop any experience from being gained. Both of these items can be bought with SnD Coins or Daily Coins.

Daily Activity Tweaks
I won't be adding a new daily activity but I have a changed planned that will make this one more doable. Right now every day you have to find 10 new people to trade with that you had not traded with before. The Tweak will reset the people you traded with each day, essentially you can trade with the same people once a day. I will be adding a different one at some point but for now we are sticking to this one.

My friends do stuff!
Joel did a great comic smashup for thanksgiving check it out! http://joelsamcomic.blogspot.com/
Kevin put up some great sketches that he made in his spare time check them out! http://kxnhtd.blogspot.com/

Creature Universe - Toxic Starter!
This is the Toxic Type starter, he starts off pure toxic but ends up Toxic/Ground by the third evolution. Here is the concept drawing from one of our artist Bill along with some non-final names that he came up with.
Toxic Starter with non-final names

Alpha v1.27: Released!
  • 1v1 Mode Changes - As described on a previous blog. FINALLY!
  • Mystery Gift- Jirachi!
    • Graphics
    • Stats
    • New Abilities
    • New Attacks
      • Wish
      • Swift
    • Add to Pokemon Center
    • Add Mystery Gift Graphic on Game
    • Add Mystery Gift Server Code
    • Change Blog Links
  • In game Items - You can buy these on the Pokemon Center Item Store page, once it is available.
    • Everstone 
    • Neeverstone 
    • Gold Incense
    • Shadow Incense
  • Soft Cap Increase to 14 - Missing Moves
    • Sleep Powder
    • Spark
    • Icy Wind
    • Shadow Punch
    • Light Screen 
  • Daily Activity Tweak - Described in teh blog above
  • Added list in the FAQ page on where to find pokemon and at what time, similar to the PTD1 list
  • Save Party Position 
  • Fixed a bug that was letting you duplicate your party pokemon
  • Release Pokemon - Note: You can't release a pokemon in the game, it is not humane! Please go to the PokeCenter Webstie to release them that way Nurse Joy can take care of them!
  • Add new Level Item interface graphics for the ui (0%)   They are fine the way they are!
Alright well I'm off for now, keep checking back to see how I'm doing! As always let me know what you think!

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