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SnD Weekly: Happy Thanksgiving! First Gym Level, PTD Fan Film 4!

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Happy Thanksgiving week everyone! Last week we successfully got some work done that had been backed up for a bit. Got the Daily Activity out, Researcher, Pokedex, Saving your storage's position. There are still some left to add but I can safely say that we can move forward with the next story level.

Mystery Gift
Last week we all decided we wanted Electric type as the Mystery Gift, but this week in honor of the flightless Turkey we will have a flying bird Mystery Gift. I picked some from different generations, vote on the one you want! Like Shinx, this one will be shiny and restricted to one use.

PTD Fan Film 4!
Joel posted the 4th video in the ptd fan film, check it out here. This episode is about a Joey encountering Team Rocket for the first time before you meet him. If you like PTD 1 then I recommend you check it out!

Funding Postponed + Details
We were planning to start our funding this week but Dan and I haven't been able to figure out all the prizes yet. Dan has been super busy doing a lot of business work for SnD Games so I can focus on game development. While he is not doing that he is answering order emails for Snd Coins and making 3d models for the creatures in CUTD. Thanks Dan! Anyways, the funding will be to help us keep developing PTD2 and CUTD. Coin sales and Advertisement help immensely but the future is a little shaky. We want to raise $50k and that will cover about half a year of expenses for artist, programming, design, any server cost. The cool thing is that if you help to fund you will get really cool and exclusive prizes! We will even have cool goals for reaching a certain amount and if we make it to the goal of 50k we will also have what are called stretch goals. Extra prizes that you guys can win if we reach even higher amounts for things like being able to hire an artist to be full time, being able to bring Dan in full time, increasing the amount of levels in CUTD and bringing things like multiplayer to those games. The funding will be very much like a Kickstarter but the reason we aren't doing a kickstarter is because we aren't trying to fund a particular project we are trying to fund the company itself. Right now I'm full time but it might be that if we can't complete this funding I might have to get a job programming for a different company and that will cut my game development time drastically. So we really appreciate you guys helping us out and in turn getting rewarded for it! Note: The funding has not started yet so there is currently no way to help us yet.

First Gym Level!
This next update will feature the first gym on PTD2. I really want to make these encounters stand out and for the enemy to have fun and new mechanics. So I hope you guys can look forward to that!

Creature Universe TD
Not going to talk a lot about CUTD this week. Just know that progress is being made and that I will talk more about it next week!

Wii U Friends
I also got a Wii U if you want to add me to your friend list my id is:  sam_sndgames

Weekly Progress
Alpha v1.26: Released!
  • Gym Battle Story Level Added
    • Intro Added
    • Level Layout Added
    • Level Waves Added
      • Custom Attacks Added
        • Pidgey's Gust
        • Pidgeotto's Gust
        • Pidgeot's Gust
    • Ending Added
  • Mystery Gift
    • Graphic Added
    • Stats Added
    • New Abilities Added
    • Evolution Information Added
    • Attack Information Added
    • Added to Trading Center
    • Changed Graphics In-Game For Mystery Gift
    • Changed Server Code
    • Changed Blog Links 
  • Made the Zapdos Level Easier 
  • Fixed Shiny and Shadow Pokemon Walking in Story Mode
  • Fixed bug with the attack Uproar not waking up pokemon in battle
  • Added Ledian and Ariados to the Trading Center Search and Request Pages  

That's all I have for this week, keep checking back daily to see how I'm doing with the progress! As always let me know what you think, your feedback is valued!

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