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How to save mass memory apps being gone cause of Flashing - New Update

As earlier posted tip post for the same wasn't working properly and giving an error showing "Can't run the apps due to security reason".

Well I am back with a new fixed tutorial for the same.

Here we go.

  • It will be better if you uninstall the apps installed in C drive first before going further.
  • Now save C:\Sys\ folder on your PC.
  • * Copy and paste and overwrite the data of C:\sys\bin in C:\sys\hash\ and remove all those files.. That means you need to delete the files from C:\sys\hash\ which are already exist in C:\sys\bin.
  • Once you done that, copy all that C:\sys\ data in your UDA and flash with it.

Now I will explain how this works..

*Apps not installed in C drive but in E or F have their reference exe files which is called hash files in C:\sys\hash ..
Data in C:\sys\install\sisregistry works like normal windows registry that refers to apps installed and will help you to uninstall them normally if you put these registry files in your UDA and flash with it. I asked to remove apps installed in C drive first as if you don't, you will get them in your application manager and since they are not there.. there is no use of them in there.

This trick works for me perfectly and it will work for you too for sure..

Good luck.

P.S. - You can use Nokia Cooker by Il.Socio to update your UDA file. Get it from here.

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