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Info about next version!

Hey friends.,

In case you are wondering where am I or what's the status of next update, well this post is answering those questions.

I am here only as you can see ;) and working hard on next update. It's almost complete but as I got few more requests so that users can change widgets mif as per their taste and that's why I am trying to put most widgets new or old to C so you can easily change their mif images. All new widgets have been placed in C along with couple of old ones.
Some are still in CORE so for that you have to edit rofs2 manually as explained in my FAQs.

Next update will be v4.1 as it's mostly bug fixed version yet greatly improved. It'll be based on Necy (Allnokia) CORE in which NFC has been removed and several other CORE related stuff tweaks to make it perfect.

Along with change in CORE, I have made several other changes which will later be available in Change Log section which I will update soon as soon as I am finished up with the final release.

Along with that and before the final release available, there will be a sneak preview as earlier so you would know how it's look like.

I tried to put Anna Video player ported by kalininvs (Allnokia) and it's pretty good.. Captured videos are also shown in this video player and of course codec support will be like Anna as I heard they have been reduced in Belle from some sources. Although its still not perfect in playing flv files.

But I still would want to know what you guys think about adding it to next version as I would still put this on the basis of users choice..

Let me know what do you think about it in comment section..

Have fun and wait for my next update..

Enjoy ;) 

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