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Delight Belle v5.0 .... Enjoy ;)

Delight Belle by nicesoni_ash - v5.0 released on 16.03.2012

** If you want to use my files as a base to your custom firmware, kindly ask for my permission first, it's a lot of hard work so do respect that..**

** Link your post to my blog for change logs if you want to post it somewhere **

FAQ, Flashing Tutorial, Backup and Restore Documentation, Delight Resolver Documentation, Default Widgets. Restore Caption for HS shortcuts and other needed files are packed as "Needed files.7z" , So read it first before asking any questions..

** Although I have already added xCape name in credits, this time I want to give special thanks for all his help in this version of Delight Belle. Without his help, this version won't be that perfect and fabulous what it is now. I specially want to thank him for his help in all script files and other stuff. Thanks mate.**

This might be the last version for Delight Belle series for N8 phones. I am going to get refund for my N8 and it wouldn't be a good idea to go for N8 again although I love it so much and it has been a great journey with it however I am planning to get Nokia 808 in future. If I get that, Delight series will be continued with Nokia 808.. 

I may work on future update releases for N8 if I will get enough beta testers for the same. I will post about that later on how it will happen. Till then you all enjoy this version of Delight Belle.


After Flashing complete, your phone will restart once showing you different notifications. Let it do its work. After restart, you are all set to go..



**Check Change Log Here**

About translated rofs2 
  • Pre-installed folders are still in English, you must rename them yourselves in your own language.
  • More info about translated rofs2 will be updated later once they are ready.
  • Had to convert some English files to Malay and Indonesian because they are not available from Nokia original fw's, so some things could still be in English there.
  • All new widgets have been renamed to your languages too
  • If TTS (text to speech) is available for your language, then it is included.
  • All translated Rofs2 have English & your language. (So if you need to follow English tutorials, then you know where to go).
  • All Rofs2 have the writing and keyboard files. All non Latin keyboards and alphanumeric keyboards have been ported from those fw's to this Euro Rofs.
  • Contact bug has been resolved in this translation.
  • Third party Applications, for example: ROM patcher+, are not translated.
  • Hungarian, Spanish & Latin American Spanish, Czech and Slovak will have a couple of widgets in English but just in the widget list, not in the widget itself .

    Installation instructions:
    • Read my Flashing Tutorial included in the "Needed Files.7z" archive and then flash.

    Download Delight Bell v5.0

    Delight Belle v5.0 Core
    Delight Belle v5.0 Rofs2 - English version with Nokia Maps
    Delight Belle v5.0 ROFS3 - English version
    Delight Belle v5.0 UDA
    Delight Belle v5.0 other Needed Files
     Delight Belle v5.0 Rofs3 with Writing Languages - Translated versions only

    Delight Belle v5.0 Rofs2 - English version without Nokia Maps
    (You can flash this Rofs2 with Writing Language Rofs3 to get more writing language files, although Nokia Store / Nokia Maps / Nokia Drop etc. apps are not in this Rofs2)

    Delight Belle v5.0 Rofs3 -Translated versions only
    (Replace this file with Writing Languages Rofs3 file and flash your phone to get more writing languages. It's only for Translated versions though)

    Writing Languages included


    Taylor - For Belle leaks.
    Il.Socio - Rompatcher, Nokia Cooker and a lot more.
    CodeRUS - A lots of mods..
    Sklchan - Few cenrep mods
    the_one.89 - Writing language files
    Ancelad - Tactile Feedback and few other mods.
    andrenlsbr + BlackDare + djmy19881225 + Jinhao - Theme effects.
    witcher3 - Menu organized
    Boroda - Widget mods.
    hotboy_ist - Big Analog clock widget
    freaxs_r_us - Delight Team Member (Translator)
    karasss - Widgets Mod.
    Peoresnada / kalininvs - Notified Widget.
    dude2009 - For resolving F-Secure Antitheft related bug.
    iExtraX7 - Several pretty good mods.
    xCape - Mod and few tips on widgets and a lot other stuff.
    Lovelas - Widgets and few ported screensaver.
    moki - Fixed font problem.
    DAEVA112 - Translucent widgets
    Novag - Translucent Small Calender widge
    Zinox - Widget mod.
    Missgestalt - Mount mod.
    erorcun for porting 808 gallery widget
    joshlog - Transparent gallery widget
    Cigiampa/xCape - Script files
    and everyone who helped me in one way or another..

    Let me know if I missed something and I would add your name in here. Thanks.

    Hope you enjoy this version too.. :D
    Post your views, suggestions or any bug report... Thanks.

    Kindly read FAQ file for your troubles and if you don't get the answer of your problems in there, than only put your question here.

    This CFW has been created with NokiaCooker.
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