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How to UNBRICK your Samsung Galaxy Mini/Pop/Next

How to UNBRICK your SGM.
Preparation and tools to Fix Brick Android Galaxy Mini phone
To do this you need some tools and application. First you need tools that you use to flash your galaxy mini such as Odin multi downloader and the working  firmware. beside that you also need data cable. just it, for the detail list check below:
1. Odin Multi Downloader.
2. Data Cable.
3. Working Firmware.

Steps to Fix Brick Android Galaxy Mini
To do this you need to follow these steps below-
1. Remove sim card, memory and battery.
2. Prepare the odin multi downloader and set with the right setting.
3. Connect your phone to PC.
4. Press and hold power down + home button.
5. While still press power down and home button, press the power button and then insert the battery as soon as you press the power button.
6. Your phone will enter download mode.
7. Install your galaxy mini like usually.

That’s all sharing from me, I hope this share about Fix Brick Galaxy Mini (Hard Brick Unbricking) is useful for you.

  • NOTE: I'm not responsible any problems to your phone! Do anything on your own risk!
  • THANK TO "Andian Bandibas" for this nice share.

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