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SnD Weekly 10/30: Spooky Mystery Gift! Day of the Week Events! Meteor Crisis in Creature Universe!

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Hey everyone! I hope all is well for you. Things are running right along here at Sam and Dan Games, and I'm here to bring you the goodies for this week. So let's get started!

Mystery Gift
This being the last week of October it would be a shame not to have a Ghost pokemon be the mystery gift so I put up a bunch of different Ghost to pick from. Let's the best one win! Golett is the winner!

Day Of the Week Events
In some Pokemon games you will get trainer battles, contest or some events that only happen during a certain day of the week. This feature is coming to PTD2 and CUTD. The first of such events will be a Spooky one that will only happen a certain day of the week and only at night! Look forward to it and the reward that it will bring.

New Route 31
I'm also adding a new Route that will come with a few new Pokemon to capture.

Finally we will get the Pokedex! The Pokedex will keep track of what you have caught, now that we have evolution I need to add the Pokedex that will more accurately keep track of what you have instead of giving you credit for things just because you have the evolution.

Level cap to 100! (Sorta)
This one is sort of a bold move, but with the Effective Level mechanic this can work. So you might ask what about moves and evolutions? Well this is where the sorta part of it works out. Getting all the moves done quickly is out of the questions so what will happen is that you will level up but you won't learn any new moves passed the soft level cap (12). Evolutions on the other hand are pretty easy to put in so you will be able to Evolve! I think it's a good trade off. Instead of playing a lot and not gaining exp you will be able to keep leveling up your creature while you try to get the Daily Challenge or just shiny hunting. With the Effective Level mechanic levels will still provide some challenge without me having to make them extremely hard for anybody who doesn't level up or is just starting to play.

Daily Challenge and Other things..
You can read last week's blog post to find out more about Daily Challenges. I will also be working on these to get them out as soon as I can.

Okay so now that we talked about what I'm working on, let's look at the weekly progress list.

Alpha v1.24.1: Released!
  • Golett Mystery Gift should only give out one pokemon and it should be genderless
  • Geodude in Swarm battles should not have the attack Take Down
  • Fixed a bug with not being able to pick your starter when starting a new game
  • Fixed a bug with certain pokemon's TM list
  • Bug with Jigglypuff's swarm battle
  • Problem with Gastly learning curse
Alpha v1.24:  Released!
  • Give Metapod and Kakuna Relearn moves so they can level up
  • Fix issue with a Shiny or Shadow Evolving and losing it's shininess if you save after evolving and not before
  • Fix issue with the map not scrolling when you walk around while being caught in Spinarak's Web
  • Display Force Palm's Damage in the info box
  • Level 100 cap
  • New Evolutions from Current Pokemon Added to the game (19)
    • Graphics
    • Stats/Info
    • Attack Info
    • Evolution Info
  • New Pokemon Added to the game (5)
    • Graphics
    • Stats/Info
    • Attack Info
    • Evolution Info
  • New Evolutions Added to the game (12)
    • Graphics
    • Stats/Info
    • Attack Info
    • Evolution Info
  • Route 31
    • Map Graphics
    • Map Triggers
    • Map Spawn Locations
    • Map Spawns
  • Dark Cave
    • Map Graphics
    • Map Triggers
    • Map Spawn Locations
    • Map Spawns
  • Route 46
    • Map Graphics
    • Map Triggers
    • Map Spawn Locations
    • Map Spawns
  • New Map Behaviors (7)
    • Zubat
    • Bellsprout
    • Gastly
    • Phanpy
    • Geodude
    • Spearow
    • Jigglypuff
  • New Wild Pokemon Battles (7)
    • Swarm Style
    • 1v1 Style
  • New Abilities Added to the game
    • Iron Fist
    • Klutz
    • No Guard
    • Pickup
    • Levitate
    • Gluttony
  • New Attacks Added to the game
    • Rollout
    • Odor Sleuth
    • Flail
    • Take Down
    • Lick
    • Spite
    • Curse
    • Growth
    • Mean Look
  • Fixed a bug when trying to check your items when you didn't have any in 1v1 mode
  • Mystery Gift
    • Add Pokemon and Evolutions
    • Change Server Code
    • Change Client Code and Graphic
Meteor Crisis in Creature Universe!
I always like to end the blog post with a little bit of Creature Universe. A few weeks ago I had a meeting with the crew and we came up with this idea, and this week we developed it some more. When you start playing Creature Universe a big event will happen that will shake the planet and affect everybody that lives there. A great Meteor has crashed into the planet, but didn't destroy it!!! Everybody is overjoyed that they are still alive but in a few days strange events start happening all throughout the world. The grass starter island called "Pillar Island" is now swarming with bugs! Will you help in this hour of need? Check out one of the bugs that you will face on Pillar Island.
Work In Progress Toxic Creature
I hope you guys enjoyed that little preview and that you keep coming back every day to check out my progress on the update. As Always let me know what you think!

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