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Weekly Progress 10/16: New Mystery Gift, Story Level, Creature Universe: Pick your side! Light vs Dark!

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Welcome back guys and gals! Another week to see the evolution of Sam and Dan games has arrived. Sorry about wait for the blog but better late than never. This week I'm pretty excited about what is coming. We will have a new mystery gift, new story level that will actually have a story to it! (Finally! I know right!) I will finish up the 1v1 changes and a few more things. This week I have to meet with the photographer for my wedding and I have class on Wednesday so instead of packing up the week and then not being able to deliver I'm keeping it short but with meaningful content. So let's get into more detail about this update and then talk a little bit about Creature Universe.

New Mystery Gift
For the first Mystery Gift we made a poll to figure out which Pokemon you guys wanted to have and as we all know Zorua won. This week we will have a new poll! The choices will be: Riolu, Axew, Sandile, or Klink. You will have a couple of days to vote so I have enough time to add it to the game.

New Story Level
We will finally head to Cherrygrove City but all is not well. There is a report that the Legendary Birds have been spotted but they are causing havoc! I'm pretty excited about this level since it develops the story a little more.  

Small Level Cap Increase to 12
Increasing the level cap a bit, note that the new level won't require you to be at level 12 to beat the game will be balanced properly for what level you should be at that point. The level will make use of the effective level mechanic that will temporarily delevel your pokemon on that level but they can still earn experience for their actual level and keep their moves and evolutions. 

Saving your pokemon's position in storage and party
Right now when you move people around in your party or storage that information is not saved when you log back in. This update will now save that position information and hopefully fix the bug that will give your pokemon the wrong moves.

Better Map UI
Making the Map UI look more like the Battle UI and having information like the current time of the game.   

Weekly Progress:
Okay so lets look at the list that I have for this week! Keep checking back as I work on these to see my progress and cheer me on.

Alpha v1.22.1: Released! Evolution Bug Fixes
  • Fixed showing the wrong graphic if the pokemon that is following you evolves
  • Fixed pokemon evolving not getting saved properly
Alpha v1.22: Released! Have questions about Effective Leveling? Check the FAQ.
  • New Story Level -  Panic at Cherrygrove City 
    • New Map Cherrygrove City
      • Rip Sprites
      • Create Map Objects and Hitboxes
      • Create Map Layout
    • New Characters
      • Rip Sprites
      • Create Character Object
    • Intro
      • Movie Scene
      • NPC Character Dialog Changes
    • Level Layout
      • Background
      • Spots
    • Level Waves
      • Set up pokemon
      • Pokemon Graphics
      • Pokemon Attacks
      • Arrangements and timing
    • Ending
      • Movie Scene
      • NPC Character Dialog Changes
      • Cherrygrove NPCs
      • Cherrygrove Interactive Objects
      • Add new pokemon to trading search and request
  • Level cap to 12
  • New Mystery Gift
    • Pokemon Graphics
    • Pokemon Stats
    • New Attacks
      • Endure
      • Counter
      • Force Palm
    • New Abilities
      • Steadfast
      • Inner Focus
      • Prankster 
    • Add to Pokemon Center Trading Search and Request 
    • Change Link and Graphic
    • Change Server Code  
Creature Universe: Pick your side! Light vs Dark!
A couple of weeks ago in our development team meeting we talked about how your character can make choices. These choices would have a big impact on the world around you. Would you keep thing in order or would you bring things into chaos? We talked about it a lot and many ideas came out of it. So I want to talk a bit about it. In previous blogs we talked about the Neutral, Light and Dark types. These are creature types but they also represent three sides that you can take in the game. There will be two organizations in the game that are after something and they both go about it in two separate ways. If you mostly only help one of them you will join their side. If you help both out pretty equally you will stay Neutral. Which side you join will also determine a few other things. Some creatures when they reach an evolution might evolve in 3 different directions either neutral, light or dark. It totally depends on how your character is aligned. Also some evolution will only happen if you are really deep into Dark or Light. So some creatures will be out of reach if you don't go fully into one alignment. Keep in mind that if you are Light aligned you can still have Dark creatures. There are only a few exceptions.

Another thing that I wanted to mention is that Light or Dark neither of them are evil. They are both after something and they both have evil people inside of their organizations that you will have to stop. So don't think okay Light = good and Dark = evil.

As you progress with that organization you might even make it to the top and become its leader!

So that is all we have for this week. Keep checking back, subscribe to our twitter, leave us a comment. Let me know what you think!

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