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Arriving at Goldenrod City!

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Welcome to the Sam and Dan Games Developer Blog!

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Arriving at Goldenrod City
Now that the soft cap is 100 and over 500 moves are in the game I'm ready to keep going with the story. Our hero might think that the past is pretty calm but he will soon find out that is not the case. Goldenrod is a big city so it will be done in two different updates. I look forward to bringing my ideas for the story to life.

PTD Fan Saga Episode 6 is now out!
Joel has been making great PTD fan videos on youtube showcasing his interpretation of the PTD1 story. He recently released episode 6 of his series and I encourage you to check it out if you haven't already. Check it out here.

Mystery Gift
We have over 370 pokemon in the game already! So this week we will add even more! Like every week, you vote and I listen. Both a Mystery Gift and Giveaway will be added. Looks like Grass is winning so far, looks like you guys are hoping for more starters :)

Weekly Progress
    PTD2 v1.53 Released!
      • Goldenrod City (100%)
        • Map Background (100%)
        • Map Objects (100%)
        • Map Triggers (100%)
        • Add NPCs and Dialog for them (100%)
        • New NPC Graphics (100%)
        • Gym Fight (100%)
          • Battle Background (100%)
          • Battle Layout (100%)
          • Battle Waves (100%)
          • Miltank Boss (100%)
            • Graphics (100%)
            • Stats (100%)
            • New Attacks (100%)
              • Miltank's Rollout (100%)
              • Miltank's Defense Curl (100%)
      • Bug Fix 1(100%) - Human characters that are in battles will no longer have health bars, level or gender stats displayed on them.
      • Bug Fix 2 (100%) - Fixed a bug that could potentially crash the game after the Lugia or Faulkner fights.
      • Bug Fix 3 (100%) - Fixed a bug with the attack Stored Power.
      • Added some dialog to Lugia while in the Lugia fight (100%) - Similar to Mewthree talking on his fight.
        As always let me know what you think!

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