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Status Changes, Route 34, Headbutt and more!

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Welcome to the Sam and Dan Games Developer Blog!

Sam and Dan Games: Fundraiser! Phase 3
Help us keep making games and earn awesome prizes like Shiny Rayquaza and Shiny Heatran!  
Our Goal: $50,000

Status Changes
Something that has been bugging me for a while is that you can get paralyzed, poisoned, burned, put to sleep all at the same time in PTD. In the game you can only have one of these on you at a time. So my wish is to make it work like that on PTD 2. What do you think? Will it make things harder? Easier? Do you like the change?

Trap Mechanics
Another mechanic change that I want to make is to actually make the trap mechanic have an effect on pokemon while in battles. The new effect will be that pokemon will not be able to leave the level when you have trapped them (using mean look, or arena trap etc). They can still get the candy and take it away but they won't leave the stage. Pokemon with abilities like Run Away can still leave the stage.

Headbutt Mechanic
This week I'm going to introduce the headbutt mechanic into the game! This has been a much requested feature so I'm happy to finally be able to add it in. How I'm thinking about it is that you have to have the pokemon that knows headbutt follow you in the map and then simply you go close to a tree and you press the action button. Pretty similar to fishing. That will trigger a battle. Some new pokemon that you will be able to get with this process will be: Pineco, Aipom and Heracross!

Route 34
I'm also adding Route 34 to the game to continue pushing the story mode forward. This road includes the Day Care center. I'm still thinking about how I might handle this place since I already have the breeding center page. Have any ideas that wouldn't totally break the game? Let me know. Also Snubbull will be one of the pokemon in this route, so look forward to that.

Cosmoid Rewards
It's been a loooong time coming but this week I will definately add the Cosmoids Rewards to the game. If you don't know what this is I will explain it now. For our fundraiser if you donated 10 or more dollars you will get Shiny Heatran and your choice of Cosmoids Starter for your PTD2 account. For a while now we haven't added the Cosmoid Reward and now you will. Cosmoids is a new game that we are making that is a lot like pokemon but with our own unique creatures on it. For more information on the fundraiser click the link towards the top of this post.

Mystery Gift 
Like every week we have the mystery gift and giveaways.

Soft Level Cap to 40
Last but not least, I will be increasing the soft level cap to 40. This will add 19 new moves into the game and get us one step closer to the elusive level 100 soft cap.

As you can see we have a lot lined up for this week. Wish me luck!

Weekly Progress

PTD2 Released!
  • Cosmoid Rewards (100%)
    • Graphics (100%)
    • Stats (100%)
    • Evolutions (100%)
    • Add to Trading Center (100%)
    • Add to Rewards Page (100%)
  • Route 34 (100%)
    • Map Music (100%)
    • Map Graphics (100%)
    • Map Triggers (100%)
    • Wild Pokemon Behavior (100%)
      • Ditto (100%)
      • Abra (100%)
      • Drowzee (100%)
      • Snubbull (100%)
    • Wild Pokemon Battles (100%)
      • Waves (100%)
    • Trainer Battles (100%)
      • Waves (100%)
  • Change Route 32's Music to be the correct music (100%)
    • Headbutt Mechanic (100%)
    • Headbutt battles (100%)
      • Waves (100%)
      • Map Percentages (100%)
    • Mystery Gift (100%)
      • Graphics (100%)
      • Stats (100%)
      • New Attacks (100%)
      • New Abilities (100%)
      • Evolutions (100%)
      • Add to Breeding Center (100%)
      • Add to Trading Center (100%)
    • Soft Level Cap to 40 (100%)
      • Lava Plume (100%)
      • Discharge (100%)
      • Last Resort (100%)
      • Retaliate (100%)
      • Dragon Rush (100%)
      • Brave Bird (100%)
      • Metal Burst (100%)
      • Waterfall (100%)
      • Bounce (100%)
      • Attack Order (100%)
      • Head Smash (100%)
      • Synchronoise (100%)
      • Superpower (100%)
      • Icicle Crash (100%)
      • Wood Hammer (100%)
      • Iron Tail (100%)
      • Skill Swap (100%)
      • Rock Climb (100%)
      • Power Whip (100%)
    • Status Changes (100%)
    • Trap Mechanics (100%)
    • New Pokemon (100%) - Snubbull, Grandbull, Pineco, Forretress, Aipom, Ambipom, Heracross
      • Graphics (100%)
      • Stats (100%)
      • New Attacks (100%)
        • Explosion (100%)
      • Evolutions (100%)
        • Add to Trading Center (100%)
        • Add to Breeding Center (100%)
      • Bug Fix - Confusion not working (100%)
      • Bug Fix - Exeggcute not properly evolving with leaf stone (100%)
      • Bug Fix - Stealth Rock not working properly (100%)
      • Bug Fix - Arm Thrust will now be learned at the correct level for pignite and emboar (100%)
      That's what we have for you this week, as always let me know what you think and what you want!

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