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Downloads and popularity of Delight Custom Firmwares

well, after reaching a download rate of 3000 on the 23rd (2 days ago), which I was really happy about...
...today I checked the downloads again and almost fell off my chair



which means 1200 in 2 days... thats soooo awesome...
(even though nobody cares enough for donating a dollar or two :P )

I guess it is good, that the  firmware is nearly bugless...afaik there were a couple very minor bugs and the rest were just requests for matter of taste. but like I said: I guess , because feedback is reduced to: "when will v6.1 arrive" and "how to change this, how to change that"
A little more positive feedback would be nice

Its really a shame that noone finds the time to push the google button more often, or the facebook share button or twitter, let alone sign up as a "follower" to the blog...
I mean we don't constantly update, so it is not like you are going to be spammed with emails

Anyway, I am really happy by the results this firmware has achieved and really glad it is so popular...
but a little more support by the Users would be helpful.

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