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News on C7 Delight v6.099

C7 Delight v6.099

I started working on the C7 Delight v6.099 and I'm getting it done very fast...

It will include:
- all Delight modifications
- all translations that were made for N8 (more by request)
- just some small fixes need to be done
- I included all the new widgets that were released yesterday for Fp2  firmware's
  •    mirror
  •    stopwatch
  •    webview widget
  •    flashlight toggle    
  •    single contact communication
- have to include the translations for the new widgets
- Xplore updated to free full 1.60 Version
- store updated
...and of course everything else what made N8 Delight great

otherwise everything is running really good

I am going to try to finish it tonight and tomorrow...
But if I can't release it by tomorrow, then it can't be released till next week

p.s. I could show you some screens, but since I want it to be "almost" the same as N8's Delight, you can just simply go over to the N8 Release post and look at the pictures there :P :D

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