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No blog post last week
Sometimes the week starts to pass and you haven't written the blog post and before you know it you say okay I'm focusing on making an update rather than write a blog post. That's what happened. But this week it's Monday I have a game plan for the week so I'm here writing the blog post. All rejoice!

Last week's update
The week before I had set out to make the second level for Cosmoids and due to server issues I wasn't able to do that. So I took last week to focus most of my time on making the level. I'm really happy with the results and would love to hear what you guys and gals think so far of Cosmoids. I'm also considering bringing it out to the public so that you can play it even if you haven't contributed to the fundraiser (as easy as that is) so that more people can have access to it and I can get more feedback. What do you guys think of that?

On top of the second level for Cosmoids, I also added Meinfoo and Timburr into the game and they will be distributed as giveaways and mystery gifts for this week.

I also made a lot of adjustments to the server code to speed things up and I'm pretty happy with the results so far. Some people tend to mention that the "new" server is not good. The thing is we never switched servers or got a new server. We are still in the same one, I've been making changes to the way things work to speed things up.

This week's update

New Story Level
This week my focus is to advance the story in PTD2. I'm really excited about this next part and hopefully I will have enough time to make it as good as it can be.

Shadow Moves
I will be adding some shadow moves from Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness that your shadow pokemon will be able to relearn. Right now I'm not sure how many, who will learn what, and what type of effectiveness the moves will have against other types but I will keep you posted throughout the week.

Mystery Gift and Giveaway
Like most weeks, there will be a Mystery Gift and Giveaway. I've been pondering about giving out both shiny and shadow versions of each on different days as something that I could do. Either way vote on the polls to decide what you will get next.

PTD1 to PTD2 Transfers - Legendary Pokemon Arrive!
A much requested transfer is that of legendary pokemon from PTD 1 to PTD2 and it is finally time! I will be adding Articune, Zapdos, Moltres, Mewtwo and Mew to the transfer list this week!

Adopt Now for Trades
A feature I been wanting to try out for a while is for you guys to be able to put your pokemon up for adoption. Pretty much the way I'm seeing it now is that you can set an SnD coin price to your trade. A player that has SnD coins can either request a trade or straight up adopt your pokemon by paying your SnD price. You receive the coins and the other player receives the pokemon. With everything else that I have for this week I'm not sure if this will make it in time. Also you might be wondering why I don't use daily coins with this. The reason for that is the only way daily coins can exist is if they are hard to get or you can only get them at a certain rate per day. Allowing players to transfer daily coins from one account to another will open all sorts of exploits that I wish to avoid. I think this can be a great feature, what do you think?

I try to move Cosmoids forward every week. I feel the more I work on it the more I want to keep working on it. I had a lot of fun just focusing on the second level. There are a few things that still need to be tweaked but I'm very excited for the future of the game. As the game becomes more developed over time, we will be talking about it more and more. For now you can play it at the funding rewards page in the PTD2 Trading Center. For this week we are tweaking the character graphic, making changes to level 1 to make it more compact and to the point, I will be figuring out ways to make the tutorial parts more understandable and easier to follow, and start work on level 3.

Weekly Progress

My Status: Not Working. Not Streaming. http://www.justin.tv/samsndgames

Cosmoids Released!
  • New character graphic tweaks (100%) - adding gloves, changing hat style, different side angles
  • Making level 1 more compact and to the point (100%)
  • Added more details to emphasize that you are protecting your house on level 1 (100%)
  • Making tutorials more easier to follow (100%)
Future PTD2 udpate Released!

  • Adopt Now for Trades (100%)
PTD2 v1.43.1 Released!
  • Mystery Gift (100%)
  • New Pokemon (100%) - Tropius, Ferroseed, Ferrothorn
    • Graphics (100%)
    • Stats (100%)
    • New Abilities (100%)
      • Iron Barbs (100%)
      • Harvest (100%)
    • New Attacks (100%)
      • Ingrain (100%)
    • Evolutions (100%)
      • Add to Trading Center (100%)
      • Add to Breeding Center (100%)
      PTD2 v1.43 Released!
      • PTD1 to PTD2 Transfers (100%) - Legendary Pokemon!
      • New Story Level (100%) - Gary makes a discovery, but is it too late?
        • Intro Scene (100%)
        • Battle (100%)
          • Battle Layout (100%)
          • Battle Wave (100%)
          • Battle Attacks (100%)
            • Target Takedown (100%)
            • Return to Pokeballs (100%)
            • Target Bomb (100%)
        • Ending Dialog (100%)
      • New Pokemon (100%) - , Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, Mewtwo, and Mew
        • Graphics (100%)
        • Stats (100%)
        • New Abilities (100%)
        • New Attacks (100%)
          • Ice Shard (100%)
          • Mind Reader (100%) - Now last for 10 charges
          • Psych Up (100%)
          • Reflect Type (100%)
        • Add to Trading Center (100%)
      • Shadow Moves (100%) - More will be added in the future
        • Shadow Blitz (100%)
        • Shadow Wave (100%)
      • Bug Fixes (100%)
        • Shadow Unown will now stay as Shadow when you save (100%) - If you previously caught one you must catch a new one.
      Thanks for visiting! As always let me know what you think! Comments below or Twitter or at support@sndgames.com (both Dan and I read that email) Thanks!

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