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New Year's Resolutions! The Fate of the Avatar Chat!

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Happy New Years! Welcome to the second full year of Sam and Dan Games! I'm personally very excited about his year. I'm looking forward to Creature Universe TD having it's first releases (in a few months), I'm looking forward to more PTD2, and just doing what I love to do which is make games for all of you!

I can't say this enough but without you guys we couldn't be doing this at all! Soon we will call on you guys to help us keep going. This month (I hope) we will be doing a fundraiser with some pretty slick prizes for donating. Dan and I are working on what the different prizes will be; one of my favorite prizes is being able to have some of the Creature Universe Starters on your PTD2 profile! We will also be adding titles in the Trading Center as the prizes for the fundraiser. So under your name it can say like "The Trainer" or "The Breeder" etc. What kind of titles would you guys like to see in the fundraiser? Also what kind of prizes would you like to see? Let me know in the comments below.

The Fate of the Avatar Chat!
Many of you have noticed that the Avatar Chat is no longer in the blog. I took it down a few days ago mainly because since I didn't add moderator options the chat was getting out of control and it wasn't something I wanted to allow to keep happening. While I wished I had enough time to add Moderation options, this wasn't something I could do. I think the Avatar Chat was a fun experiment I wanted to try out and I think it was a success as far as having people be able to talk to each other and move around in an environment. These are the building blocks to an online game that I wish to make some day. So let's give the Avatar Chat a moment of silence. R.I.P Avatar Chat...

New Year's Resolutions!
I don't know about you but I make resolutions every year. This year is even more special since I'm getting married. A lot of my resolutions are about getting ready to be married, cooking more, getting in shape, cleaning more.. Just being more responsible, can't let Zaira (my fiance) do everything! Thinking about these I wrote down a few of the resolutions I had for SnD Games. What were some things that I wanted to change? Hmm.. there were many! Time for a list!
  • Spend more time polishing content - This one comes from the end of PTD1. Sadly I haven't been organized enough to really follow through with this one. I get really excited about putting a lot of things in the weekly progress list and in the end I don't have enough time for everything and the things that I end up doing are some times rushed. My resolution is to spend more time on content to make it better, even if we get less content right away.
  • More User Choices - I think at the beginning of PTD1 I was really good about getting you guys involved in what happened in the game but slowly as more and more people started joining us it became harder to really manage all of it but I think I can do better than just letting you guys choose the Mystery Gift. This week I want to hear about what titles, and prizes would be good in the fundraiser.
  • Realistic Weekly Progress - This one is similar to the polishing one. I want to make the progress list something that I can actually achieve for that week and not something that is impossible. The way I will solve this is by having a private list of things that I want to do and only showing the ones I think I can do for that week in the weekly progress list. I might make the list public and have you guys pick which one to do next in the future.
  • More Communication - Back when we had only a handful of fans, or even hundreds of fans, I was out there answering comments, replying to emails, my goal was to reply to everything. As the game started to take off it was taking more and more time to reply. Some people wanted to have chats with me, emailing me back and forth. While I really wanted to just chat, it was taking a lot of time away from actually working on the games. As time went by I barely even tried to reply and only went after the most important ones. My resolution is to do more communication.
A lot of these as you might have noticed have a lot to do with organization and time management. This is something that I'm working on in both my professional and personal life. I personally think that life is about trying to keep a balance between all the things you want to do and things you have to do. My hope is to get better at keeping the balance and that maybe talking about it out loud can help one of you also.

Weekly Progress
Now on to the content! This week there will be a mystery gift, at the time of writing this grass seems to be winning and that would mean a grass starter poll! Fun times! Besides the Mystery Gift I want to make a new Story Level with a bit of story this time around and right now I want it to focus on Bellsprout Tower and what is happening there. The last thing will be to make the Zapdos battle a little less intense at that level and also look at the rival fight and tune it a bit more for that stage of the game.
    Alpha v1.30.1: Released!
    • Mystery Gift
      • Change link in game
      • Change Graphic in game
      • Change Server Code
      • Get link and code from sponsor
      • Change Blog Links
    •  New Pokemon - Treecko 
        • Graphics
          • New Attacks
            • Absorb
          • New Abilities
            • Unburden
          • Stats
          • Move List
            • Evolutions
              • Add to Breeding Center
                • Add to Trading Center 
                • Story Level  - Bellsprout Tower
                  • Monk character
                  • Tower Layout
                  • Tower Map
                  • Intro
                  • Waves
                  • Ending
                    • New Attacks
                      • Bellsprout's Vine Hold
                      • Bellsprout's Razor Leaf
                  • Tune Gym battle, Zapdos and Rival fight to better fit the level and skill of the player at that point in the game
                    That's all I have for you on this short week. Thanks for stopping by and keep checking back to see how I'm doing on my progress this week. As always, let me know what you think about the fundraiser, and the resolutions. Also what are some of your resolutions for this year? I would love to hear them. Sam out!

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