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Story Choices: Who should fight?, Official PTD Forum, Creature Universe Power Glove and Weekly Progress!

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Welcome welcome welcome!  Triple welcomes for everybody! To another week of Sam and Dan games. My name is Sam and I am your captain for the week.

Latest PTD2 Update
Our last update included a new story level and a new mystery gift along with some balance changes to the game. The level had you helping the monks in the Sprout Tower with their shadow Bellsprout problem. A lot of you have talked about wanting to repeat levels and having done a rematch level for the gym battle I thought it would be cool to have most levels be able to be repeated over and over in a more challenging versions of that level.  The first time you play the levels they will be tuned to what I'm expecting the skill of the player will be when they reach that level from the beginning so I'm not expecting them to have pokemon over level 12 at that point. The rematches should provide with more challenge yet aren't meant to be impossible.

Official PTD Forum
So the guys over at the PTD Fan forums thought it would be a great idea if instead of being a fan forum they could become the official PTD Forum and I think considering the Avatar Chat is no more that this is a good idea. I encourage you guys to go there. I will also be working with them to make contest and special events on the forum. They will have a trading chat (if they haven't made it already) and it is moderated! Check it out http://pandoragaming.co.uk

User Choices: Who should fight?
I talked about letting you guys choose more things for the game and so here we are. On this next story level there will be a chance for either Ash, Gary or Silver Jr to fight in an important battle. Which one do you think should do the battling? You only have one day to vote so that I will have enough time to work on the level.

Creature Universe TD - Gauntlet Preview
For our CUTD we got to the point when we wanted to figure out how the character in the game would capture creatures and how he will be able to use his different abilites. Kevin one of our artist came up with a cool way of making all these things happen. Introducing the Gauntlet!
Kevin's Concept Images for the Gauntlet
This Gauntlet will serve as your pokedex, pokeballs, and more!

Weekly Progress
Last week I asked you guys what you wanted to be worked on. A good amount of you wanted to see more story, and the soft cap increased. A lot also wanted the buildings filled up but there is a reason why they aren't that has to do with the story so they will fill up at the right time. So there will be a new story level and a soft level cap increase to 16. This will bring 11 new moves into the game. I'm also tossing a critical bug fix into the breeding center. On top of that we will have a mystery gift.

Alpha v1.31.1: Released!
  • Mystery Gift - Out now!
    • Change link in game
    • Change Graphic in game
    • Change Server Code
    • Get link and code from sponsor
    • Change Blog Links
  •  New Pokemon- Trapinch
    • Graphics
    • New Abilities
      • Hyper Cutter
    • Stats
      • Move List
      • Evolutions 
      • Add to Breeding Center
      • Add to Trading Center
    • Making it no longer possible to put your pokemon to breed if you only have 2
    Alpha v1.31: Released!
      • Story Level
        • Concept & Script
        • Intro
        • Ending
          • New NPC Character Graphic
          • Dialog
        • Level Background
        • Level Layout
        • Enemy Attacks
        • Enemy Abilities
        • Rematch Battle
      • Fixed a bug that show attack numbers as critical hits (yellow color) even if they were not critical hits
      • Soft Level Cap Increase to 16 - 11 new moves!
        • Bug Bite
        • Magnitude
        • Night Shade
        • Helping Hand
        • Reflect
        • Feint
        • Safeguard
        • Twineedle
        • Hyper Fang
        • Fury Cutter
        • Mist
      That's all your captain has for you this week, keep checking back to see how I'm doing on the update. Thanks and as always let me know what you think!


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