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Making Delight even better - Need your help with translations - USER RELATED PROJECT

Hi guys,
  • a lot of you reported to me, that you can't read or understand the "Resolver", "Updater" or other Delight exclusive apps.
  • and some are having problems with the Meta Data Editor mod (Mp3 Tag Editor mod) - some are still english, some make crashes, some work
So I decided to open this project to you guys, so you can help me translate Delight to perfection

It will take about 30min to 1 hour to translate it for an individual language, but if I do it, it would take at least 45x 30min/1hour = 30 to 45 hours - IF I COULD SPEAK THE LANGUAGE PERFECTLY, which I can not,
so it would take at least double the time to do it with googe translator, which is a pain in the ...

and I still have to put your translations into the correct files, so it is still a lot of work for me.

SO, if you are willing to improve the Delight translations with me, then read the rest of this post
...they are for all Devices alike, so it doesn't matter if you have C7, N8 or 808

Tutorial and stuff needed provided in the link...

...if you are willing to do a translation, then please write in the comments, which language you are going to take over, so we don't get hundreds of the same language

DO not send me the full metadata folder! just the translated file

Languages done list:

- 01 english
- 03german
- 04 spanish - thanks to David Rodríguez
- 10 american english 
- 29 taiwan Delight apps done - metadata still to be made!
- 78 romanian - thanks to Tomy boy

Delight exclusive apps:

I made a excel sheet with all the strings. Please keep the translation short, but accurate

Only translate the blue Lines, and rename the excel sheet to the language you did, before reuploading
or emailing to me - for example: Delight translations - german.xls
send to freaxsrus@gmail.com

Metadata mod:

- open the RscEditor programm 2x (no installation needed, just directly from folder
- drag and drop your language file to one and the original file to compare to the other
- click string, click edit string, re-write string, confirm
- click next string, ..... and so on

- save file when you are done....

send me the file... PLEASE DON'T SEND ME THE WHOLE FOLDER, just the modded file
send to freaxsrus@gmail.com

   The file to compare provided is NOT 100% the same!!! 
   If it would be the same, I could copy one string to the other myself  
- you can copy strings that fit from one file to the other or rename them all manually
- the rest of the strings that are not in the original file must be translated manually

- NO spaces or returns after string words allowed
  spaces or returns after words will be shown like this: [0x0A] when you press edit after confirming
  some lines have the [0x0A] new line by Nokia on perpose

- DO NOT translate strings that you do not understand
  for example: qtn_aknexpopfield_hint_text

- DO NOT change the "%U[15]"
  in this line: Item will be moved to %U[15] library. Some details may be lost. Continue?

- DO NOT change the coding in these lines
  %0U[0x09]%1U, %N kbit/s, %U Hz
  you can change "kbit/s" and "Hz", but not the way the %U is lined up
  for languages that read from right to left (urdu, persian, arabic, hebrew, etc) ... do not write the   coding from right to left!
for example: %N كيلو بت/ثانية, %U هرتز


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