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How to make a Blog from Blogger easy way

Step by step tutorial to create a Blog from Blogger


What is blogger ?Blogger is a Best  platform,it's provide us to make a free blog or website with never expire [.blogspot.com] domain.why people choose blogger.com?Because it's free of cost [no registration fees and no hidden charges]. So in this post i am going to show you how you can make your own blog for free in 8 simple steps.Follow bellow step-by-step tutorial.Note-(Click on image to view in large)

Step:-1 If u do not have Google account Click Here and create a new one. 


Step:2 After successfully create a Google account.Navigate to  

Step:-3 Now login with your newly  created Google account to Get started.

Step:-4 When u sign in, edit your profile(This profile name & image are show in your blogger dashboard) 

Step:-5 After done Click on continue to blogger button and wait for next page.okay now you are on your blogger home page.

Step:-6 click on New Blog button,Then a popup window will display.

Step:-7 Now in the first box type your blog title,and type your blog URL in second box,choose any template (Don't worry u can change templates any time) 


Step:- 8 And then hit on create Blog button. Done now you have your own blog.

!!:-Okay if you don't know how to start posting in your blog then Follow below steps-:!!

Step:-1  Go to your Blogger dashboard 

Step:-2 Now click on orange pencil box button to start (Watch below image)

Step:-3 On next page you will see a editing page ( like Microsoft office)(Watch below image)

Step:-4 In post box type your Post title,and type your post in just below box,U can also use the "Edit HTML" tab to insert your post in HTML format,if your prefer.  If u want add some links,videos ,images watch below image.[click on image to view larger]

Step:-5 After write your post hit on publish button.

If u want to change your blogger template watch below steps

Step:- 1 Go to your blogger dashboard then go to template and then you can select any template and click on apply [Watch below image.]

Step :2  if u want to add a download template then click on backup and restore button(in right side)when u click on this button a popup window will display, first click on download button and download your template and then click on brows button and choose your downloaded template from your computer and click on upload after done click on view blog. [Watch below image.]


done ..!! 

watch video 

Note:- if u like this post please give comments for your feedback suggestion or help thanks..!!

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