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Cosmoids Win or Lose! 10% Reached in the Fundraiser! Route 32 Continued! Pink Pokemon! and Egg Hunt!

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Welcome to the Sam and Dan Games Developer Blog! Where we work non stop to keep you entertained!

Sam and Dan Games: Fundraiser! Phase 3
Help us keep making games and earn awesome prizes like Shiny Rayquaza!  

Last Week's Update
For the last update I focused again on increasing the level cap and adding new pokemon to the game. We increased the level cap to 35 adding over 20 of moves in the process. In addition we added the PTD1 to PTD2 transfer of Eevee, Jolteon, Vaporeon, and Flareon. A much requested transfer which opened up the possibilities of getting Espeon and Umbreon in PTD2 using the Friendship doll. On top of all of that we had our Fire Mystery Gift and Giveaway. Darumaka was the Mystery Gift which brought him and his evolution Darmanitan and the eagerly awaited Zen Mode ability. The Giveaway was Torkoal. On the Cosmoids side of things I worked a lot on the first level, trying to make it exciting and somewhat challenging. I still have a couple of more tweaks to add but you can check out what I have so far in the Funding Rewards Page of the PTD2 Trading Center. A good week overall in my book!

Live Streaming Update
I had a lot of fun live streaming for you guys, unfortunately as you might have experienced my computer couldn't handle it. Thankfully I will be getting a new computer thanks to your guy's support! Once I get that and set it up then I will be streaming all the time! Wooo! 

Cosmoids Win or Lose
If you have played the Cosmoids Early Alpha you will notice that you can't win or lose. The game just kinda stops there. So this week I will be adding Win and Lose conditions. Win or Lose screens are a staple in all video games and it's about time they come to Cosmoids. On top of that Evan, one of our freelance artist, did some grass graphics that I will implement. I will also be adding more graphics to the caterpillar's small bite attack as well as other small tweaks to the level. The game is progressing nicely and I can't wait until more of it is done!

10% Reached in the Fundraiser!
It's a great day today! We reached (and passed) the 10% mark of our fundraiser. With over 6,037 funders we have reached this goal. It is only the beginning and we will slowly reach our goal. The thing to remember that it's just Dan and I working on things here and with taxes coming up we have been busy taking care of that part of the business. Anyways.. Looking at the poll right now Heatran is winning to be the 10 dollar giveaway legendary. On top of getting the legendary, people who donate 10 dollars will also get their choice of Cosmoids starter for their PTD2 account!

Pink Pokemon!
When choosing this week's PTD1 to PTD2 transfers I noticed something. All the ones I picked are pink! That was awkward! Anywho the main thing here is that they all have evolutions that are from different generations. The three that I choose were: Chansey, Lickitung and Clefairy! Naturally all their evolutions will show up if the items/attacks are implemented in the game (meaning no Happiny for now).

Route 32 Continued..
I promised another story level this week and well I'm keeping my promise. This week we will wrap things up in Ruins of Alph and head back to Route 32. This time we will meet with a peculiar Fisherman who seems to be catching different water pokemon depending on the day of the week. The way I hope it works out is that the battle you will face will change every few days based on who can be fished in that spot.

Egg Hunt
It's Easter! Easter has many meanings to different people, but for PTD2 it means an Egg hunt and a new pokemon prize at the end of it. This egg hunt will only be available for one week so make sure to be part of it and receive your Buneary!

Mystery Gift
Like every week we will also have a Mystery Gift! Psychic has won and it looks like Ralts will be the mystery gift but the giveaway pokemon (the runner up) is not as clear yet.

Weekly Progress
Now that we looked at everything that is coming this week (possibly over 20 new pokemon!) let's look at the list.

Cosmoids Released!
  • Win/Lose Screen (100%) 
  • Adding Subtle Grass Graphics (100%)
  • Adding Small Bite Graphics (100%)
  • Not allowing the player to place their tower outside of the screen or close to the outside (100%)
PTD2 v1.40.1 Released!
  • Mystery Gift (100%)
  • Female Avatars will now be able to enter Route 32's second section (100%)
PTD2 v1.40 Released!
  • PTD1 to PTD2 Transfers (100%)
  • Egg Hunt (100%)- Egg hunts starts in New Bark Town, talk to the Scientist in the middle of the town!
  • New Story Level (100%)
    • Intro (100%)
    • Map (100%)
    • Level Layout (100%)
    • Level Waves (100%)
    • Ending (100%) 
  • Police Battle 2 (100%)
    • Add a way to repeat the battle with normal Unown (100%)
      • Test New Pokemon, Attacks, Abilities and Evolutions (100%)
        • New Pokemon (100%) - Chansey, Blissey, Lickitung, Lickilicky, Clefairy, Clefable, Cleffa, Tentacool, Tentacruel, Magikarp, Gyarados, Qwilfish, Buneary, Lopunny, Heatran, Ralts, Kirlia, Gardevoir, Gallade, Solosis, Duosion, Reuniclus! SO MANY! 22!
          • Graphics (100%)
          • Stats (100%)
          • Attacks (100%)
            • Bestow (100%)
            • Cosmic Power (100%)
            • Metronome (100%)
            • Stomp (100%)
            • Softboiled (100%)
            • Fling (100%)
            • Bubblebeam (100%)
            • Barrier (100%)
            • Spikes (100%)
            • Brine (100%)
            • Frustration (100%)
            • Jump Kick (100%)
            • Mirror Coat (100%)
            • Magic Coat (100%)
            • Return (100%)
            • Teleport (100%)
            • Heal Pulse (100%)
            • Calm Mind (100%)
            • Healing Wish (100%) 
            • Psywave (100%)
            • Snatch (100%)
            • Recover (100%)
            • Psyshock (100%)
            • Future Sight (100%)
            • Pain Split (100%)
          • Abilities (100%)
            • Healer (100%)
            • Own Tempo (100%)
            • Magic Guard (100%)
            • Liquid Ooze (100%)
            • Trace (100%)
            • Telepathy (100%) 
            • Regenerator (100%)
          • Evolutions (100%)
          • Add to Breeding Center (100%)
          • Add to Trading Center (100%)
        • Bug Fixes (100%)
          • You can only pickup certain items using the Pickup ability (100%)
        So much to do, so little time! As always let me know what you think! Twitter, comments below or email. Thanks for visiting!

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