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Delight v6.0 release 

Delight team:
- huellif - main cooker
- freaxs_r_us - translator and second cooker
Special thanks goes to nicesoni_ash, for his help, knowledge and support.
This CFW has been created with NokiaCooker. Consider donating for Free and High Quality softwares. 
If you want to use our files as a base to your custom firmware, 
kindly ask for my permission first, it's a lot of hard work so do respect that.


- Allstar12345 - theme effects maker
- Apex666 - theme maker


Link your post to our blog for changelogs if you want to post it somewhere.
FAQ, Flashing Tutorial, Backup and Restore Documentation, Delight Resolver Documentation are in Addtionial Files folder on Mediafire.


This is a completly new CFW, based on Belle 111.040.1511_029, product code 0599842 (known as freaxs_r_us cleaned base package), cooked by me and freaxs_r_us
Special's in this CFW:
After Flashing complete, your phone will restart once showing you different notifications. Let it do its work. After restart, you are all set to go.
What does this mean?
Simple answer, the UDA is empty, all files form UDA are in ROFS and get copied to C:\ after first boot or a hardreset.
- in Menu, Tools, Xtras you will find three apps: backup, restore and resolver.
Check their documentation in Additional Files folder.
**Check Change Log Here**

Known issues:
- you can't rename profiles, we will try to fix in in 6.1
If you know what causes this -> please report it ;)
Delight 6.0 direct download (english only, fortranslations go to other post)
Please don't reupload/mirror this CFW, this isn't a slow hoster or an adversitment page like adf.ly

Translations & Info 
  • Instructions: 
1. Just get the download from first post by huellif
2. get the translated files from me in your language
3. exchange the rofs2 you got from me with the one in the full cfw set
  • Translation features:
- ALL needed standard files in your language (if provided by Nokia)
- ALL needed modded files that need translating to work
- IF TTS (text to speech) is available in your language, then it is included
- ALL translations have english as base files
- all writing and keyboard files
- all dialer files
- added ecom-3-0.spi which can handle ALL languages

- translated all new widgets and corrected old ones (I corrected over 500 strings)
- text clock widgets in your language --> translations by wirer
   --> for now only 02, 03, 04, 17,  18, 25, 26, 27, 42, 54, 68, 76, 79 ... maybe more later
  • Known "Issues":
- Third party Applications, for example: ROM patcher+, are not translated
- metadatamod & equalizer mod in english
- rarely used languages, such as galician, basque, canadian french, chinglish & taiwan english are not made
Translations are in numbered order
Standard sets: (english +1 language)
•    02 french
03 german
04 spanish
05 italian
06 swedish

07 danish
08 norwegian
09 finnish
10 american english
13 portugese

14 turkish
15 icelandic
16 russian
17 hungarian
18 dutch

25 czech
26 slowak
27 polish
28 slowenian
•    taiwan chinese delayed, sorry

•    chinese delayed, sorry
33 thai
37 arabic
39 tagalog
42 bulgarian

44 catalan
45 croation
49 estonian
50 farsi / persian
54 greek

57 hebrew
63 kazakh
67 latvian
68 lithuanian
76 brazilian portugese

78 romanian
79 serbian
83 latin american spanish
93 ukrainian
94 urdu

96 vietnamese
326 malay
327 indonesian
Dual Sets: (english +2 languages)

 Delight testers:
- selvasathyam
- prarun2030
- Pranilmaniyar
Thanks for your help :)

Mod providers:
- Il.Socio - Rompatcher, Nokia Cooker and a lot more.
- CodeRUS - A lots of mods.
- iChris701 - For his mods and help
- iExtraX7 - Several mods.
- Ancelad - Tactile Feedback and few other mods.
- witcher3 - Menu organized
- xCape - Mod and few tips on widgets and a lot other stuff.
- Lovelas - few ported screensaver.
- moki - Fixed font problem.
- Cigiampa/xCape - Script files
- 7b - More Icons in Power Menu
- Stephan020793 - his tutorials were my first step into Symbian modding
- strategist - for his camera mod
- MoritzJT - his help with fonts
- Symbian Fan - for help with product improvment
- Robo3737 - for his widgets
- Skull-ATOS - for screensaver
- Joe3, M4C351, peoresnada - for notifications widget
- RedX - for his legendary cenrep informations
- omkarkul - for his mods
- BelleXDesigns - for X-Plore icon
and everyone who helped me in one way or another..
Let me know if I missed something and I would add your name in here. Thanks.
Hope you enjoy this version too.. :D
Post your views, suggestions or any bug report... Thanks.
Kindly read FAQ file for your troubles and if you don't get the answer of your problems in there, than only put your question here.

Further Changelog in Delight making process:
Remember, I do this around 42 times for 42 languages

- I made a lot of mod translations in the last couple weeks, which most I released
- I added all modded files I needed to my translation folders
- rearranged uda to rofs2/data
- some of which files were moved from uda to actual rofs2/Z:
- I had to translate ALL the new widgets, and since my old folders were using different directories as huellif does, I had to make folders, move files and delete old folders
- in the process I found so many mistakes I've been doing in the past and corrected them
- made a ecom-3-0.spi for my translations only
- added Internet Radio stuff
- had to move all the resources from rofs2/Z/resource/ to rofs2/C/ to get the widget mifs interchangeable

It might not seem like much, but just so you know my translation folders hold 50.000 files

Not counting the time huellif and I spent on planning, searching the web, looking at .mifs, corresponding with other modders, corresponding with eachother + + + + + !

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