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Wild Eevee appears! Soft Level Cap to 35! Cosmoids First Level making it exciting!

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Last Week's Update
For the last update I focused on adding new transfers from PTD1 that could be breed to obtain new baby pokemon. We added Magmar, Electabuzz and Jynx to the PTD1 to PTD2 transfers. We also added the dawn stone to let female snorunt evolve to Froslass. Besides that we increased the level cap to 30 adding a bunch of new moves. Not only that I changed the way the learning moves system works too. If a move is in the game and ready to go and your pokemon can learn it or relearn it then it will be able to do so. It is no longer limited by the soft cap. The soft cap still remains in place to dictate which moves need to be added next. The last thing we added for PTD was the new Mystery Gift Shiny Absol and Giveaway Shiny Scraggy.

For Cosmoids, last week I added the swapping mechanic for your creatures and the new targetting move type. If you haven't played it yet, check out the Funding Rewards page on PTD2's Pokemon Center to find out how to try it out.

Wild Eevee appears!
The much requested PTD1 to PTD2 transfer will finally show up in this week's update! Along with Eevee you will know be able to transfer over all his evolutions from PTD1 (Jolteon, Flareon, and Vaporeon), plus using the Friendship Doll you will be able to get Espeon and Umbreon depending on the time of day that you use the doll in! All rejoice!

Soft Level Cap to 35!
I really want to reach the glorious level 100 soft cap. Having all the moves there really helps with figuring out more exciting levels to challenge you guys. It also helps with giving me extra time to work on Cosmoids. Story Levels really take up a lot of more time. Building the maps as you will eventually see in one of my streams takes up a good chunk of time. Reaching 35 will require 25 new moves!

Mystery Gifts
Like every week we have our Mystery Gift giveaway, it is my way of saying thanks for sticking with us week after week. We will also have the Giveaway which is our new tradition for this year. Right now it looks like Fire is dominating and there are quire a few good fire pokemon that will make it into the poll.

Live Streaming
I got my webcam and so the live streaming adventures begin! I will be posting on twitter when I'm live streaming. (I'm currently live streaming as I type this) So stop by and say hello, I'm always happy to answer questions and listen to suggestions. The link to my channel is  http://www.justin.tv/samsndgames

Cosmoids First Level making it exciting!
This week I will be focusing on making the first level of Cosmoids. Unlike what you might have seen so far in the first level you won't have a creature to help you. It will just be you and your bug bombs against those pesky bugs. First levels are tricky because it is the first time a player starts playing your game, you have to start teaching them things slowly so that they don't get overwhelmed by everything that is happening in the game, but you also have to make it exciting so that they want to keep playing. My goal for this level is to make it easy to understand but exciting to play. Hopefully by the end of this week you will be able to see the results of my effort.

Weekly Progress
Now that we have talked about it, let's look at the specifics for this week.

Cosmoids Released! - Play it at the Funding Rewards page in PTD2's Trading Center.
  • Level 1 (100%) - Make it exciting!
PTD2 v1.39.1 Released!
  • Mystery Gift (100%)
  • Shadow Entei will now pick random targets attacking the unown to throw it's fireball at (100%)
  • Taking too long to defeat Shadow Entei will now cause you to lose the level (100%)
  • Eevee can now properly evolve to Vaporeon, Jolteon and Flareon (100%)
PTD2 v1.39 Released!
  • PTD1 to PTD2 Transfer (100%) - Eevee, Jolteon, Flareon, Vaporeon!
  • Test Moves, Abilities and Evolutions (100%) - Thanks livestream folks for watching!
  • New Pokemon (100%)
    • Graphics (100%)
    • New Abilities (100%)
      • Adaptability (100%)
      • Anticipation (100%)
      • Synchronize (100%)
      • Magic Bounce (100%)
      • Volt Absorb (100%)
      • Quick Feet (100%) 
      • Zen Mode (100%) 
      • White Smoke (100%)
    • New Attacks (100%)
      • Incinerate (100%)
      • Work Up (100%)
      • Belly Drum (100%)
      • Flare Blitz (100%)
      • Hammer Arm (100%) 
      • Flamethrower (100%)
    • Stats (100%)
    • Evolutions (100%)
    • Add to Breeding Center (100%)
    • Add to Trading Center (100%)
  • Soft Cap to 35 (100%) - 25 new moves!
    • Rage Powder (100%)
    • Facade (100%)
    • Acid Armor (100%)
    • Dig (100%)
    • Worry Seed (100%)
    • Skull Bash (100%)
    • Hail (100%)
    • Captivate (100%)
    • Hi Jump Kick (100%)
    • Petal Dance (100%)
    • Cotton Guard (100%)
    • Ancient Power (100%)
    • Roost (100%)
    • Air Slash (100%)
    • Earthquake (100%)
    • Dream Eater (100%)
    • Memento (100%)
    • Gyro Ball (100%)
    • Flatter (100%)
    • Zen Headbutt (100%)
    • Gastro Acid (100%)
    • Sonicboom (100%)
    • Dragonbreath (100%)
    • Ice Beam (100%)
    • Thrash (100%)
  • Fixed a bug with Counter users not properly getting exp when it is the only moved used (100%)
    • Adding Missing Move Names to the Pokemon Center (100%)
      That's all I have for you this week, as always let me know what you think! Sam out!

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