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12 Step to make Any Pen-drive or Sd-card Bootabel

Hello Friends in this Post i am going to show  you how to make your pen-drive or sd-card  bootable in 12 easy steps .So make your sd-card pendrive or flash drive Bootabel and install windows from your Pen-driver or SD-card without any problem.and without DVD writer

  1. GO to start menu and open Command Prompt as Administrator 
  2. Type: diskpart
  3. Type: list disk
  4. Type: select disk 1 
  5. Type: clean
  6. Type: create partition primary
  7. Type: select partition 1
  8. Type: active
  9. Type: format fs=fat32 quick
  10. Type: assign
  11. Type: exit

 For more information watch my YouTube Video (12 step to make Pen-drive or SD-card bootabel )


Step By Step Screen Shots For Your Help..

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