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Add Mouseover Animated Advertise Here Text in your blog

Now u can add a animated text widget  in your blog, it's too awesome and cool.So if u add this Banner then you will get a lot of chances to get advertisement from different Companies.From this post I am going to show you how you can add a significant Style Advertise Banner on your blog which will surely help you to get some bounty from visitors.So if u want to add this banner in your blog then follow below Simple steps.

Add Cool Advertise Here Text

Step:-1 Go to your blogger dashboard

Step:-2 Then go to layout section

Step:-3 In layout section Click On Add a Widget at the Right Side-bar (As u want)

Step:-4 Now A Pops-up Box will Appear 

Step:-5 In Pop-up box Select HTML/JavaScript  
Step:-6 And now Copy the Below Script and paste it in Html Box


<style>#text{-moz-transform:rotate(-5deg);-o-transform:rotate(-5deg);-webkit-transform:rotate(-5deg);color:#FFF!important;font-family:arial;font-size:60px;font-weight:300;letter-spacing:-5.5px;line-height:45px;text-align:center;margin:20px 10px}#text a{color:#333;text-shadow:1px 1px #000, 3px 3px #EEEEEE, 5px 5px #DDDDDD, 7px 7px #AAAAAA, -1px -1px #000;text-transform:lowercase;-moz-transition:all .3s ease-in 0;-webkit-transition:all .3s ease-in 0;-o-transition:all .3s ease-in 0;-kmoz-transition:all .3s ease-in 0}#text a:hover{-moz-transition:all .3s ease-in 0;-webkit-transition:all .3s ease-in 0;-o-transition:all .3s ease-in 0;-kmoz-transition:all .3s ease-in 0;text-shadow:1px 1px #000, 3px 3px #EEEEEE, 5px 5px #DDDDDD, 7px 100px transparent, -1px -100px transparent;color:transparent}inf{color:#d2a}#text a:focus,#text a:active{color:#eee!important;-moz-transition:all 0 ease-in-out!important;-o-transition:all 0 ease-in-out!important;-kmoz-transition:all 0 ease-in-out!important;-webkit-transition:all 0 ease-in-out!important}</style><div id="text" class="rent"><a href="Your Page Url" target="blank"><blink>&#8669;</blink> This is a demo.<br />Contact <inf>α&#8574;мїη for more information</inf><blink>&#8668;</blink></a></div>

Step:-7 Now hit Save button Done..

Note:- Change Blue Line (Your Page URL) with your own page URL where you want to redirect the visitors when they click the ad

:- And u can also change the height and font size of this banner Red line

:-  Replace Green line with your own Text

Note:-If u like this post please give me your comments for your feedback suggestion or help.Thanks..!! 

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