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Remove Pattern lock in Karboon Titanium S5

 Screen shots

So many peoples are facing  this pattern lock problem with your android smartphone.Kaboon Titanium S5 is a best android phone available in the market it's comes with 1.2 GHz quad core Processor with Android Os Jellybean. Some time your phone getting locked and ask your Google account to unlock .It's General problem ,when you lock your phone and someone want to open your phone and he didn't know the lock password and he is enter so many wrong password then your phone will locked.So today i am going to show you how you can easily unlock your locked Karboon Titanium S5 Smartphone in 2 minutes..Follow below simple steps and unlock your phone..

Step:-1 Power off your phone

Step:-2 Now click and hold Volume up button and Power button in same time

Volume UP + Power Button

Step:-3 Now you see green screen now release power button but don't release Volume UP button 

Step:-4 After 5 Second Red Screen  now release Volume UP button

Step:-5 Now you are in android recovery Option,Now go down with the help of volume down button

Step:-6 Now select wipe data with factory reset and press Power button.

Step:7 Now select yes -- delete all user data and press power key

Step:-8 Now press back key and now select reebot system now and pree power button 

Step:-9 Now it' will take some time in first boot 

Done enjoy..!!

Watch video in Hindi (How to remove pattern lock in Karboon Titanium s5)

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