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Disable Windows 8 Login Screen (Password Screen)

I have a hp g6 laptop and i have installed windows 8 operating system in my laptop everything is working fine.but when i boot my laptop,it will ask my account password to login and every time I have to enter my Microsoft account password.Fortunately i find a new way to start my windows 8 pc .from this trick u can easily disable your windows 8 user login screen, so now we don't need to enter password for lifetime.

If u want to disable your windows 8 login screen(Password Screen) then follow bellow Steps:-
Step:-1 Press and hold "windows" key and then press "Q" key from your keyboard (win + Q)

Step:-2 Now Type this world in "netplwiz" search box. (Watch below image)

Step:-3  Now you can see a "user accounts" dialog box in user account dialog box uncheck the checked box and click on apply.

Step:-4 Now a automatically sign dialog will appear now type your password and confirm your password and then click on OK button.. 

Done .Now you are successfully disable your windows login screen 
(Restart and see)

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