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How to earn money with infolinks

Infolinks is a best site which help bloggers for earning money.it is a best way for earning money online and it's process is so simple. Infolinks allows you to generate money as a publishe.So don't waste your time Use Infolinks and generate a lot of cash quickly.

Follow below steps and start earning ..!!

Step:- 1 First of all visit this link http://www.infolinks.com

Step:-2 Now  click on publishers Button (Watch below image)

Step:-3 Now Click on Get it Now button..!! (Watch below image)

Step:-4 Now a popup windows will appear then click on join us tab and fill out the form and then hit join Button. (Watch below image)

Step:-5 When you hit on Join Button then Once again a popup windows will appear, there they will give you a JavaScript "Code/Script"  (Watch below image)

Step:- 6 Copy that Code and Go to your blogger dashboard then go to Layout section in layout section Click on add a widget then select html java script and paste that code in html box.and hit save button

Step:-7 Now Your application is being processed and Infolinks will notify you of its status within 48 hours. Once approved, your Infolinks ad combo will appear on your site.

  • Now if  Your Account is approved then login infolinks,there you will see Infolinks Dashboard

    • In Infolinks Dashboard You Can see your Today,Yuesterday,Monthly earning and CPC etc.

      • infolinks Dashboard Also allows you to Customize your Ads Text Color and Styles

         Note:-Infolinks only pay $50 Infolinks will pay money via Paypal,Wiretransfer and  Payoneer Card.

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